Ørestad wanted a
100% increase in visitors
1.000% delivered

PROJECT Visual Identity, logo, website

GFS Ørestad is an independent organization that services the associations of property owners in Ørestad, Copenhagen, running the maintenance and development of the common areas, parks, and canal systems, which are privately owned by the associations. The Secretariat works in urban planning in collaboration with partners like CPH City & Habor (By & Havn) and the Copenhagen municipality (Københavns Kommune).

Their main focus is to secure the local and regional interests of the property owners and the citizens living and working in Ørestad. We have teamed up with the head of GFS Ørestad secretariat in order to design a brand new identity and an optimised website for all the associations of property owners in Ørestad.

The goal was to give the website a local feel of urban life in Ørestad to engage residents, workers, and visitors in the narrative of their developing city, so we simplified the information structure and made Ørestad-stories more engaging and in line with user expectations. Our joined effort resulted in a 10 fold increase in the number of visitors for the website.

The website was developed in the Typo3 website Content Management system. Typo3 is a enterprise level CMS and one of the main OpenSource CMS. Typo3 is one of the most stable and secure CMS available, the system is developed and expanded with thousands of extensions by a very large community.

Ørestad Logo
Ørestad website

Logo design concept

The organisation administers all the areas in Ørestad, and each area has its own icon and color identity. Also, the Ø is used as an ‘umbrella’ for all the previous icons. Therefore, we used it as a symbol for the unity of the areas, and as an element that combines the areas signature-colors harmoniously.

Ørestad 8 tal
Ørestad 8 tal