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Designing Interactions that Resonate
with your audience 

Loudcode is a branding, design and digital agency. We focus on bridging the gap between the product and its audience. We design interactions that, not only get the message across, but also strike a responsive chord in people.



We Believe in the Power
of Attraction and Persuasion

We put our beliefs into action, by Gaining insight into your target audience, establishing trust and making sense on a rational level, by Designing visuals and Developing experiences your visitor will connect to on an emotional level.

Let it Resonate!
Aspiring desire and creating persuasion will convert your visitors into customers.




It’s about the Impact and Emotions
it creates for people you reach.

On a practical level, this is accomplished through visuals, words, strategy and technology.
When these elements are symbiotically combined, you can achieve something remarkable.





We build new brands and revitalize existing ones. Based on a thorough understanding of your product/service, the market, your customers and competitors. In collaboration with you, we define your business’s brand strategy and design its own identity. Good branding is a strong statement that gives uniqueness, recognition and has memorability.

Digital Design

It’s all about usability and visually pleasing experiences. If it’s clear, simple and strikes a chord with the visitors, it will transform them into customers. We focus on fulfilling your user’s objectives and needs, giving them a clear and easy way to navigate and take action. We do it by using graphical elements and functional interface technologies that together will guide, inform and please your customers.


Over the years, we have delivered multiple custom developed websites, From huge web portals to advanced online research systems, banks, university portals, web Content Management Systems (CMS) and e-commerce sites. Our expertise is development of high-performance systems, that handle huge traffic load, generating pages very fast and with cutting edge user interfaces.



The user interface is where the user interacts with your website and systems, the nicer it looks and smoother it works, the higher the customer satisfaction of the website. Loudcode Interface Developers combines latest cutting edge techniques with many years of experience to give you a compelling and functional website solution that plays well across various browsers and devices.


Good SEO brings you visitors, good UX gives you customers. Your site delivering a good User Experience is the result of a multidisciplinary effort. A high level of user friendliness, providing the information visitors are coming for, presented in a great design, delivered with a functional and pleasing user interface functionality, plus an underlying application that delivers everything quickly.

Web Design (RWD)

More people access the Internet via mobile devices than on desktop computers. Tendence is using mobile device for searching  and doing research. This means their first impression of your site is probably via mobile. Adding the fact that search engines favor responsive websites, means that having a mobile ready website is crucial. A good Responsive site will pay off in user experience and improved search engine ranking.


Print and Publishing

Print &

Although we are living in the era of the internet, print should not be underestimated. Your branding should be in everything you do, from digital to your printed material.We help you grab the attention of your audience and maintain their interest, to move them to take action. Also, we keep up to date with the latest printing processes to acquire the best results for your work, especially if your target is to be eco-friendly.


People interacting with the brand is a subject we take seriously. It is crucial to create the connection between the brand and its environment. Making the visitors feel the brand presence in the physical space. Our services include wayfinding analysis, architectural graphics, branded spaces and signage.  

Social Media

Having a social Media presence is crucial for most companies. It is a very effective way to increase brand awareness, loyalty and promote services and products. It opens new communication channels and level of engagement with your clients. Active use of social media also affects search engine ranking, and is a very powerful and cost effective way to do branding and marketing.


Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO)

Getting a good position in search results on search engines and keeping it is a challenge. The competition is fierce and search engines change their algorithms constantly. But on-site optimizing the website, relevant content, a good system, is the foundation of getting good ranking. Expanding with a social media presence not only will give lots of inbound traffic, it also improves ranking of your website.


The Open Source movement has produced a huge amount of software and systems. Many of these systems are developed and supported by a huge community of skilled programmers and companies and are equal or even better than commercial software. Making it a solid strategic choice, also for large corporations and organisations. One of the best examples is the Typo3 website CMS, which Loudcode also is provider of.



Geeky Stuff

Speed, reliability and ability to scale are essential success criteria for your website or system. This is reached through a high performance web application, top quality hosting and technical optimisation across the entire web solution. We have the technical expertise of tuning the application in all levels. Optionally we provide custom installed servers in a high-end server center in Hamburg, Germany. 



About us


The Whole is greater that the sum of its parts



Loudcode is an international team, closely collaborating between Barcelona and Copenhagen.
All sharing the same enthusiasm and dedication for creating solutions where our skills,
knowledge and experience are joined to design and develop outstanding solutions for our clients.


About us


The Team

Loudcode is an international team that has worked on numerous international projects for companies in Scandinavia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, UK, Switzerland, France, Spain, and the Middle East.

All team members lived years abroad, so thinking internationally and multi culturally comes pretty natural to us.


How we started

We started in the industry in the early years of commercial Internet in the 1990’s. We worked for major companies and agencies across Europe before joining forces and forming Loudcode in Barcelona more than 10 years ago. With a strong focus on technology, reliability, high performance, innovation and usability, we developed systems that were groundbreaking and offered new ways for users to work with content. In close collaboration with our clients, we used cutting edge and sometimes unusual technologies in new ways to develop systems with new and innovative functionalities. Also we developed and provided advisory for a long range of start-up companies and corporate websites.



Loudcode Rebooted 

To create great contemporary digital solutions, web applications and Apps in terms of layouts, interaction and visuals, it is crucial to have a much closer collaboration between design and technology.

As a consequence of this, Loudcode expanded the team with designers. Now delivering solutions from early stage, idea development and prototyping to the final product. All designed and developed by team of creatives and programmers that work closely together in all stages of the project.

We believe that having the same team involved from early stage to final launch gives the best results.






How can we help you ?


We are always glad to give friendly advice, ideas ... for your project, company, organisation or startup.
… we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Call us on: (+45) 60 700 633






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